Born in the spare bedroom of Founder and Creative Director Don Robertson’s mother’s house in Perth WA, now elevated in its Sydney headquarters with a 60+ strong team, STAX. has become Australia’s favourite fashion focused, luxury activewear label taking the world by storm.


Don’s ground-breaking approach to flattering designs and size inclusivity has resulted in A-List celebrities, the likes of J-Lo, Lizzo & Megan Fox, pictured wearing the high fashion, high-quality pieces.


STAX. was the product of a pivot; in the seven years since its infancy the brand has outgrown its aforementioned spare room in Perth, where Don’s original business plan was ‘MuscleSTAX.,’ a supplement store that sold merchandise and apparel on the side.


With a background in arts and a passion for design, it was only a matter of time before Don turned his attention to fashion full-time. Don draws inspiration from his love and appreciation of the performing arts, which he believes sets STAX. apart from its competitors. He also credits the knowledge he acquired from an internship at Nike for setting him up with an understanding of the fundamentals of business principles.

In 2017, there was another pivot: Matilda. Don & Matilda’s paths crossed while Matilda was working in recruitment next door to the supplement store Don managed. Matilda admits she had “zero interest” in STAX. or leaving her ‘safe job’ to get involved with the brand, but fate had other plans.


Matilda and Don began dating and quickly weekends, evenings and any other moments of spare time were spent together, growing the brand. From photoshoots to gym pop-ups and social media, it wasn’t long before Matilda was fully devoted and soon enough, STAX. acquired a co-owner turned Director of PR, Matilda Robertson (nee Murray).


The brand’s growth, though initially slow, began to gain traction. From one spare bedroom to another, STAX. grew and continued to evolve. The pair moved fulfilment to a tiny storage room in Perth, although not for long. Soon after, when Matilda’s recruitment job took her to Sydney, the pair set up in a new storage unit on the other side of Australia, this one slightly bigger, albeit with no electricity.

STAX. lived in one more storage unit, the size of a garage before Don and Matilda graduated to their first warehouse, a whopping 89 square metres. The pair oversaw three more moves in the space of three years, the final time to STAX.’s current facility, a 3000 square metre warehouse which is, alas, now too small.

In the few short years since Matilda quit her ‘safe job’ to join the business full time, STAX. has not only repeatedly sold-out collections and made it into the hands of A-List celebrities. In 2022 they developed and trademarked a now famous fabric: NANDEX™, a custom blend of spandex and nylon, which features in the best-selling Best Black & CORE collections. STAX. now sells one pair of Best Black Tights per minute.


The brand has grown a loyal following of fitness enthusiasts, and fashion-conscious individuals alike. Despite STAX.’s stratospheric success, Don and Matilda are still shocked as each collection sells out years on, but nothing feels as satisfying as their community involvement, says Matilda. “Whenever we do events, activations, new collections or campaigns, our community gets SO involved” she adds, “we are always so blown away by the support.”

So, what’s next on the cards for the ever-evolving STAX.?

Its success in Australia has been the springboard for its global expansion, and it shows no signs of slowing down as it continues to innovate and disrupt the industry.

The next 12 months foresee the opening of an office in Los Angeles to accompany their official international takeover, plus the launch of sister-brand, the high fashion streetwear focused SECONDLEFT.

Whether it be the uncompromised quality, sleek designs, or the fundamental focus on inclusivity, find out for yourself why the STAX. community is so obsessed with the fashion brand at