Premium Seamless Favourites

The collection designed and modelled by you.

Author Olivia Scully / Category Collections / Published: May-18-2023

STAX. Premium Seamless collections have been a best-seller since the initial version 1 launch in 2019. Designer Don Robertson’s initial concept was built off of the want to bring warmer and pastel tones into the Australian market in a collection that was unique to the already best-selling ‘Best Black’ collection.


With six versions Premium Seamless already out, the launch of the PS ‘Favourites’ in March 2023 marked a turning point for the STAX. Brand.
This collection was a curated selection of products that the community themselves designed, making it an incredibly heart-warming campaign for the team to work on.


The concept for this collection came from the public, namely the STAX. VIP Facebook group. We asked our community to share their favourite products and colours from the seamless ranges over the years and their feedback was overwhelming. It quickly became clear that we had a unique opportunity to give our community exactly what they wanted, so we set about building the collection and locking in the launch date.


The involvement of the community In the Seamless Favourites collection was a source of inspiration for our team. We were so blown away with the feedback we received that we decided to take it a step further to ask our own community to model the collection. In February, we launched our official open casting call, and to our surprise, we had over 5000 people apply to model. It was a humbling experience to see how passionate our community was about the brand.


After much consideration, we narrowed it down to eight beautiful models, with the intention of getting representation across the models that our community could relate to. We wanted to showcase the diversity of our community, and we believe that we have done just that. When you see the models in the campaign, you'll be able to identify something special about each of them.

The campaign shoot was a truly moving experience for our team. We were brought to tears over multiple dates as we listened to each model's story. It was a reminder of the power of community and the importance of inclusivity. The Seamless Favourites collection has not only brought our community together but has also allowed us to create a truly unique and special campaign that we are all incredibly proud of.

“Being able to hear the way that STAX. intersects with people's lives firsthand was such a powerful moment that moved us all and made us realise the impact that we as a brand can have on people. The best part of the campaign was being able to amplify the voices of such incredible people, presenting them to an audience that will find community within their words.”

— Oriana, Photographer