“I thought it was a hoax at first. They were saying "you've been selected, we've been watching you, we want you to present at one of our shows". When the fashion capital of the world reached out and want you to present it's quite intimidating..."
Don Robertson
Designer and Creative Director SECONDLEFT

February 2024 will forever mark the milestone of designer Don Robertson's debut at Paris Fashion Week as he, alongside muse and brand co-owner Matilda presented 8 curated outfits with designs from SECONDLEFT Season 2 Runway to the masses at an exclusive runway event held by Flying Solo.
The pieces featured were part of the ready-to-wear collection set to officially launch later in the year, a curated release of elevated genderless streetwear, encapsulating the essence of self-expression.

“It’s a chance that not a lot of fashion brands get to take to bring their creative ideas to fruition,” Don explains. “Everything we do across our brands is for our community and these shows are our platform to amplify our dedication and hard work to bring value to other’s lives and inspire a movement that celebrates individuality and diversity."

In preparation for the show, the SECONDLEFT team curated 12 runway-ready looks along with all accessories, shoes and jewellery in tow and embarked on the journey from Sydney, Australia to Paris with a hefty oversized baggage situation.

Don, along with brand stylist Jaime, selected the very best pieces from the product archives including reworked pieces previously shown in SECONDLEFT shows and never-before-seen brand new looks specifically for the Paris runway.

SECONDLEFT has shown many variations of creativity within the brand and this was the perfect time to take the audience on this journey.

“We're feeling so blessed. We're a very small fish in a big sea but we're swimming and we know it's in the right direction."