Martha Kalifatidis for STAX.

We sat down with Martha, a familiar face to STAX., who has not only been a long time collaborator but a true Premium Seamless enthusiast.

Martha, joined by her fiancé Michael and her son Lucius (or Looch, as he's affectionately called), shares insights into her seamless journey and what makes her swear by STAX. activewear.

When the STAX. team was brainstorming the campaign for PSV7, the 'Seamlessly Me' concept was born. An idea to have the faces of STAX. show their true and seamless selves whilst wearing the collection designed to truly support you, however you feel.

There was no hesitation to feature Martha as the face of the new collection featuring best selling seamless pieces in new colourways, designed to mix, match or layer whilst you look good and feel even better.

Q: Can you share what drew you to STAX. and in particular Premium Seamless?

Martha: "What made me fall in love with the brand straight off the bat was the quality. The quality has always been amazing, that was what I loved initially. The fits, the cuts, the colourways and premium seamless. STAX. was the first brand to introduce me to seamless, I had never seen it beforehand, and it's been a love story ever since."

Q: What do you love most about it?

Martha: "Obviously your body changes after having a baby, and i feel like premium seamless has worked for my body type no matter what, pre and post baby. In the range there is something for everyone, and I feel like I loved premium sealess then because it can hug you in all the right places. And now after i've had a baby, the reason I love premium seamless is that it has the same hug, its so comfortable and I feel so confident when I wear it."

Q: On confidence, the campaign for this collection is called 'Seamlessly Me'. We think you embody that concept with your authenticity. What is your advice for someone struggling with confidence?

Martha: "My advice for being seamlessly me is to try to drown out the negative voices in my head. Not only in my head but in life, there's always going to be the naysayers, drown them out, and if you feel good and confident that is all that matters. If you feel good in the tights, if you feel good in the crop top wear it, own it, and do it unapologetically."

"I never thought I would wear activewear again at one stage in my life. It's funny to now be sitting here in the same activewear that I was wearing five years ago and I feel just as confident and just as hot, it feels just as good. It blows my mind actually." - Martha Kalifatidis

It's a cold June morning in Sydney during the shoot but the Kalifatidis/ Brunelli family charm brings a warmth to everyone on set which is everything we wanted and more for this campaign when the 'Seamlessly Me' notion is so powerful.

Martha's journey with STAX. and our Premium Seamless collection is a testament to confidence, comfort, and enduring quality. Her story reminds us that feeling good in what you wear isn't just about the garment—it's about embracing who you are, every step of the way.

Stay tuned for more from our community, where we celebrate individuality and the joy of feeling seamlessly you.

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