Your New Favourite Outfits Under $200

Author Olivia Scully / Category Styling / Published: July-12-2023

Dive in and discover the perfect blend of style and comfort with these STAX. and SECONDLEFT outfits you can pick up for under $200.

Outfit 1:

Create an effortless chic look with our Parachute Pants and Sahara Singlet in Tuscan from our AW II range.

Outfit 2:

Step out in confidence wearing our Premium Seamless Favourites range, featuring the Full-length Tights and Low Back Crop set in baby blue. The seamless design provides and ever flattering fit and you can find your favourite colour from the range to find your personal style.

Outfit 3:

Exude style and coolness with the black Cropped Puffer and Short Leg Bodysuit from STAX.

Outfit 4:

For an edgy, comfortable look, try our Black Cargo Pants and BW Crop from SECONDLEFT.

Outfit 5:

Unwind in style with our Stone Joggers and Tee set from our Winter 23 range.

Outfit 6:

Enjoy the versatility of our Black Edit Tee, Nylon Shorts and Crew socks. Perfect for casual outings or hitting the gym.

Outfit 7:

Stay stylish with our AW II range featuring our Poppy Full Length Tights and Ocean Long Sleeve top in the colour oat. With the range available in five colours you can create this outfit multiple ways in your favourite hues.

Outfit 8:

For a laid-back look, opt for our Fitted Joggers in Khaki and Black Standard Fit Tee.