Behind the Scenes... of our Spring Summer Campaign Shoot

Author Liv Scully / Category BTS / Published: October 3rd 2023

Come behind the scenes with us of our latest campaign photoshoot for one of our most popular collections, NANDEX™.

STAX.' NANDEX™ Collection is a curation of your core workout- wardrobe pieces in our trademarked fabric which is the perfect combination of buttery smooth, high-performance nylon & spandex fabric that can support you through your workout and your everyday lifestyle.

This collection was the inception of the STAX. brand and has now evolved to incorporate a kalidescope of vibrant hues which set the tone for the shoot on this divine Spring day in September!

Set against the backdrop of this unbelievably idelic house in Sydney's south, our creative vision came to life!
We aimed to showcase the versatility of the pieces in the collection, emphasising layering and accessorising, as well as offering our signature styling inspiration.

Meet the Models:

The Location:

Team Q&A:

Brand Stylist

Q: What are the top 3 things every stylist needs with them on a shoot day? 

A: Lint Rollers, Baby Wipes and a Hair & Makeup Kit!

Q: What is your main role on campaign shoot days?

A: Dress all of the models in thier looks for the campaign and style with jewellery, shoes & accessories as well as hair and makeup touchups. While shooting I make sure all of the product looks perfect!

Designer & Creative Director

Q: What is it like seeing the collection that started the brand evolve to what it is now?

A: It’s mindblowing, we’re very well known for our nandex pieces and it blows mine and Til’s mind to see how much people love it. It also keeps us motivated to continue to bring new ways of presenting it to you guys which is why we put so much time and effort into these campaigns and shoots.

Campaign Videographer

Q: What is the best part of a STAX. Campaign shoot?

A: Coffee time!

Q: What is your coffee order?

A: Double espresso or a cold brew

Q: What is your role on the day?

A: Capturing video and BTS of the shoot throughout the day

This campaign photoshoot was a testament to the growth and evolution of our NANDEX collection!
We can't wait to unveil the final images, each one a testament to the passion and dedication of our team and step into Spring and Summer together!


With Love,