The Health & Wellness Edit.

Author Olivia Scully / Category Health & Wellness Edit / Published: July 21 2023

It’s time to roll out your yoga mats and grab your foam rollers because this month’s health and wellness edit is all about embracing your flexibility with a flashback to the 2023 Core Challenge!

Let’s rewind to February where we hosted our 28-day challenge featuring the amazing fitness industry leader, Soph Allen, certified PT and owner of Train with Soph!

Our amazing community embarked on a transformative journey guided by industry leaders including Equalution for recipes and nutrition, Georgie Stevenson for all things mindset and Soph Allen for our fitness component who guided us through a weekly workout plan and recovery stretching and foam rolling sessions.

During the challenge we focused on nurturing our bodies and mind to take a step towards a better version of ourselves. We discovered it’s not just about smashing personal records in the gym; it’s about understanding the importance of rest, recovery and listening to our bodies.

The Perks of Stretching:

Improved Flexibility: Flexibility is like the key that unlocks the door to better movement and posture. Regular stretching can enhance your range of motion, making daily activities and workouts feel more fluid and effortless.

Reduced Muscle Tension: Do you often feel tightness in your muscles after a workout or a long day at work? Stretching helps alleviate muscle tension, which can lead to reduced soreness and increased relaxation.

Enhanced Blood Circulation: Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, which means more oxygen and nutrients reach those hard-working tissues. This can aid in muscle recovery and contribute to overall better health.

Injury Prevention: Flexible muscles are less prone to injuries. By regularly stretching, you're not only taking care of your body now but also investing in its long-term health.

The Benefits of Foam Rolling:

Myofascial Release: Foam rolling targets the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles. It acts as a self-massage, breaking up knots and adhesions in the fascia, which can lead to improved muscle function and reduced muscle pain.

Enhanced Muscle Recovery: After an intense workout, your muscles need some extra TLC. Foam rolling can help speed up recovery by promoting blood flow and flushing out waste products that accumulate during exercise.

Improved Flexibility and Range of Motion: Foam rolling helps release tight spots, allowing your muscles to move more freely and increasing your range of motion. This can be especially beneficial for those challenging yoga poses or weightlifting exercises.

Relaxation and Stress Relief: Rolling on a foam roller can be surprisingly therapeutic. Not only does it target physical tension, but it can also help you relax and unwind.

Incorporating stretching and foam rolling into your fitness routine can lead to remarkable physical and mental benefits. So, whether you're an early riser or a late-night warrior, make time for stretching and foam rolling. Trust us; your body will thank you for it!