The STAX Coffee Facts

Given that you’re probably drinking a few gallons of it a day, we thought you ought to know the story behind your morning glory…

  • The STAX blend is unique – created from five different, single origin varieties of beans – each one adding a different nuance to the overall blend profile.
  • These beans are a blend of Fair Trade, Specialty Grade and Rain Forest Alliance beans – from India, Central America, Indonesia and Ethiopia.
  • Each variety of bean is hand picked and individually roasted, following a specific profile that brings out the very best aspects of the bean.z
  • The individual qualities of the bean varieties are then blended to precise proportions to ensure a consistent, top-quality blend.
  • No matter how good your beans and the blend are, you need good baristas – and our baristas don’t make coffee, they make art…
  • We grind every shot to order, because we believe ground coffee only remains fresh for 3 minutes.
  • We extract our coffee at a rate of 25-30ml per 25-30 secs. This delivers a thick, full-bodied coffee – as opposed to thin, bitter, over-extracted ditch water.
  • The milk is steamed to 65 degrees (unless you specify otherwise). This turns the lactose in the milk from a solid to a sweet liquid, thus giving the milk a glossy, thick microfilm – perfect to top the waiting espresso shot.

Finally – did you hear the one about the young girl who told her mother that she’s seeing a boy who’s a barista. “That’s great, dear”, obviously delighted, “he might be able to get your brother out of jail”.  Thank you, thank you – I’m here all week – try the veal…